big bars

milk chocolate w/ mulled wine 32%, 6 oz
The holiday season is our favorite time of the year, so we celebrate it in style with this spec..
milk chocolate 32%, 6 oz, 1 bar
Not just a classic milk chocolate bar, but our classic chocolate bar. It was the first bar we ever m..
extra dark chocolate 70%, 6 oz, 1 bar
This bar contains at least 70% cacao. Se-ven-ty! This means we use a lot of cocoa beans.. This dark ..
milk caramel sea salt 32%, 6 oz, 1 bar
This bar is to be taken seriously: milk chocolate filled with crunchy caramel and a hint of sea salt..
dark almond sea salt 51%, 6 oz, 1 bar
This dark chocolate bar has got it all: almonds and sea salt. A golden match! Pass the salt please....
dark pecan coconut 51%, 6 oz, 1 bar
Coconut and pecans in the mix with dark chocolate. With this bar, you find yourself in a hammock on ..
dark coffee crunch 51%, 6 oz, 1 bar
But first, coffee. A bar which can’t be eaten quietly or unnoticed, because of its tasty crunchy cof..